Premium paper packaging tailored to your business.

But what do we pack the freshly baked pastries, the measured goods, the fruit and vegetables in? BontaBag!

Premium paper packaging tailored to your business.
100% Environmentally friendly solutions

100% Environmentally friendly solutions

The environmentally friendly Bontabag paper bags are made from 100% biodegradable ingredients.

Very good tensile strength

Very good tensile strength

Their great advantage is that they are beautiful and shiny, but at the same time, they can be used in a variety of applications due to their extremely good tensile strength.

Compostable, recyclable

Compostable, recyclable

Later, they can be composted and recycled as plant nutrients.

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

Fast, smooth service, manufacturer’s prices.

The environmental burden is huge because of the different plastic bags. They are a threat to marine and ocean life, they enter the food chain as microplastics, and they degrade over hundreds of years. Fortunately, there is a growing willingness to make the planet plastic-free. We have this goal in mind.

For an environmentally friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags, choose our high-quality, eco-friendly BontaBag paper bags and packaging paper.

  • You can order all our products with a unique design, logo
    (for orders of at least 30.000 pieces)
  • You can also order a custom label for your brand
    (for orders of at least 500 pieces)
Paper bags

Paper bags

Developed specifically for food packaging, fold paper bags and wrapping papers are made from hygienic, high tensile strength, high-quality MG Kraft paper or Nátron paper, which are of course also food safety certified.

Bontabag bags are available in snow white or brown and can be printed with aesthetic graphics or even your own logo and marketing message on their shiny surface. You can create truly eye-catching, unique packaging that can add value to the products you put inside.

White Mg Kraft papers Brown MG Kraft papers Recycled kraft paper
Tensile strength
Fat Resistance
Moisture tolerance
Value for money
Environmental pressures

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Make your business unique!

Make your business unique!

Imagine it and we’ll make it happen!

Product categories

Product categories

Chemical-free, grease-resistant. Recommended for packaging products with a particularly greasy, oily, or wet surface. Their low absorbency and excellent hygiene make them a popular product.

Paper bags

Our paper bags made of MG Kraft or Nátron paper are available in various sizes, in brown and white.

Wrapping papers

We manufacture meat wrappers, confectionery wrappers, curved tissue papers, underpack papers, hot-dog and hamburger bags, tray inserts, greaseproof papers in standard and custom sizes.

You can also request all our products with unique designs, logos, and labels.

Why Bontabag?

Why Bontabag?

  • Demanding, environmentally friendly packaging material
  • All paper bags produced in standard sizes
  • Snow white or brown colour
  • Shiny surface, flashy appearance
  • It is well ventilated, the product stays fresh long, freshly baked product does not get wet
  • Food-safety-certified raw materials
  • Hygienic
  • Easy to use
  • 100% biodegradable, compostable, perfect alternative to plastic bags
  • Also for promotional purposes, with up to 4 colour graphics and a custom logo available on request
  • Cheaper than the botton paper bags.
  • Packages of 800-1000-2000 pieces
  • Stable for the weight of the product inserted
Who is it for?

Who is it for?

  • For bakeries
  • For confectionery shops
  • For confectioners
  • For small gift shops
  • For Vegetables
  • Small delicate shops
  • For craft entrepreneurs
  • For packaging of returned goods
  • Shopping for housewives
  • The greaseproof versions for pizzerias, gyros, street food
  • For butchers
Become our Partner!

Become our Partner!

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Paper bags, wrapping paper online?

Paper bags, wrapping paper online?

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Get 1 month’s portion at a time

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Pay conveniently, even by credit card

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And our courier service will deliver your order to your door within 1-3 working days

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