Environmentally friendly hygiene products

Custom manufacturing of environmentally friendly packaging materials and quality hygiene products at short notice and at competitive prices.

This is Polima.

Environmentally friendly hygiene products

Polima Ltd has received funding under the Széchenyi 2020 program.

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Széchenyi 2020 program

Environmental benefits

That’s how much we save every month

CO2 emissions saved CO2 emissions saved 2700 kg
Energy produced Energy produced 7000 kW
The equivalent value of planted trees The equivalent value of planted trees 80
Environmentally friendly, quality products at a good price

Environmentally friendly, quality products at a good price

All over the world, pollution is a growing concern, but we’re also reluctant to give up the comforts of home. But with Polima recycled hygienic paper products and eco-friendly packaging materials, we don’t have to.

Our brands



Toilet tissue, hand towels and medical rolls made from a variety of recycled and eco-friendly tissue papers are hygienic, durable, cheaper and last up to 3-15 times longer than traditional retail versions.

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Made from 100% high-quality, strong, environmentally friendly paper, paper bags and packaging materials offer an environmentally friendly, hygienic and high quality alternative to single-use plastic bags.

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Our custom manufacturing services

Our custom manufacturing services

Do you have capacity problems and can’t meet deadlines? Need help urgently? Are you looking for a reliable, punctual and fairly priced contract manufacturer?

  • Manufacture of paper bags
  • Manufacture of roll paper products
  • Production of wrapping paper
  • Manufacture of paper towels
  • Custom logo design

Learn more about our contract manufacturing service for hygienic paper products and/or environmentally friendly packaging materials!

About production

Polima in numbers

Polima in numbers

8 countries

International markets

30+ years

We are present in the industry and we are developing.


We manufacture and distribute

Nearly 1000 tonnes of paper

Used annually in production and processing

Nearly 4000 satisfied customers

Positive feedback validates our work

500+ compatible dispenser

Brand-independent refilling

You also can choose Polima products and services

You also can choose Polima products and services
  • Are you looking for a partner for quality tissue paper products at a competitive price?
  • Looking for a reliable supplier of eco-friendly packaging materials
  • Would you also market products originally manufactured for industrial use to households?
  • Looking for a reliable manufacturer to implement your unique ideas
About our products
About us
  • You want to market your products with your brand and logo
  • A reliable relationship, fast and accurate delivery is important
  • Price is not the most important consideration, but the better the price, the better the deal
  • You don’t want to and can’t do the production
  • You’re looking for a professional team who creates exactly what you want
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